Article Marketing – Are Business Articles Effective As an Advertising Tool?

The good thing about using this method of advertising is that it is FREE! There are lots of websites out there that offer this article publishing service for free. All you have to do is write an article on the subject or product that you want to promote, and post it on one of these sites. Remember to include the URL link of your own site in every business article you write.

Using this form of advertising offers potential customers access to your article for free, twenty four hours a day seven days a week and fifty two weeks of the year.

A good article can have a long shelf life, a website publisher may read your article and republish it on another site. That publisher might do the same and so on and so on, this domino effect can promote your site hundreds or maybe even thousands of times.

Take a look at these hints and tips on how to construct an effective article marketing advertising campaign.

1. Title, it is important to create a title that is relevant to your subject content, you must make your title interesting and attention grabbing. You must also use keywords that are appropriate for your topic. Remember do not over use keywords, search engines do not like it.

2. Your article should be interesting, helpful and informative, it should be kept on topic. It is surprising how many new writers stray from the subject that they should be writing about. Use selected keywords through out your body content.

3. Keep you business article informative, but also keep it short and to the point. Make your first two or three sentences interesting enough to draw your reader in and carry on reading the rest of your content.

Avoid using technical terms or language, this can be confusing for readers that are not familiar with the technical jargon that is used in your business.

4. Do not use your article as a platform for a sales pitch, your readers do not want to be sold anything they want good solid information. Your article should be informative and helpful, so keep the sales pitch for your website.

5. Apart from posting your business article in publishing websites, post on your own site. This will have the added advantage of attracting additional traffic when viewers type in your article keywords.

6. Post your article to related discussion boards. As you post more articles about your subject on these forums you will become known as an expert in your niche. As the forum is related to your topic your readers will already be interested in what you have to say, so you will have a ready targeted market.

7. Compile an e-book about your product and distribute it by email or download links.

8. Keep writing articles on different aspects of your niche this will keep your viewers interested and help attract new viewers. Keep posting on a regular basis with updates and fresh new posts.

9. To promote your business article effectively make sure your posts are kept up to date. Some article publishers display articles by the date, so the more up to date an article is the more chance of a higher search result.

10. Make good use of bullets and numbers, these make the article easier to read. It will also keep your visitor interested in what you have to say without them becoming bored.

Article marketing used as an advertising business tool is very effective indeed. Articles are free to publish so go ahead and start your marketing article program. Good luck.

Tom Wilson is an author and business entrepreneur and has been in business some forty years. He writes articles with the intent of offering correct interesting and useful Internet business information.

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